Hello there, I'm Leisha Scott!

A contemporary abstract mixed media artist from The Big Apple with a passion for the creative world since I was a little girl. One of my childhood friends knew me as the girl who brought her bead set to school to make bracelets. Whether I was designing doll clothes, doodling pictures to hang on a collage wall, painting, or making jewelry, the one thing I turned to that made me feel more myself than anything was always art and creativity. I'm still not sure if I should blame Lisa Frank or Bob Ross, probably both! 

Moving to Charlotte, NC in 2015 was a game changer for me and definitely influenced my art. Having always been drawn to bold patterns and contrasting colors I found myself starting to fall in love with the simple and subtle as well. I love working in some texture to the pieces I create and soft colors with bold accents are my favorite. Oh and lets not forget my love for gold finishing touches and some shine! 


When creating there is a whole mood that is set, a vibe that is taking place. Candles, warm lighting, sunlight and yes I use candles even in the brightest of days, and the MVP of it all- Music! You can usually catch me listening to anything that makes me feel in my core and my deepest of places- a little Daniel Caesar, H.E.R., James Arthur, or Lauren Daigle to name a few. During finishing touches I party it up with something lively, reggae or Jay Z could very well be my jammie jam! During paint and sips that I host I bring that same energy and atmosphere. Creating will take the place of whatever the mind needs at that moment- inspiration, fun, silence, tears, release, sometimes a little of each. 

What do I do when I'm not making art? 

Enjoy time with my family. I know, cliche but so true! Spending time with my husband, Charles, and our children are at the top of my list. We are a blended family and have a pack of boys and one little princess. Together we enjoy nature, hiking, fishing, parks, and also some good ole Netflix and chill with indulgent sweets. Alone I'm a huge planner, coffee drinker (this IS a sport), renovation show watcher, and Christ lover who will tune into a Social Dallas sermon in a minute! 

Welcome to my little world of art and shine!