Creekside Prayers

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Part of the "My Happy Place" collection, "Creekside Prayers" is filled with warm tones of dark teal, beige, sage, slate blue, ochre, white, and taupe with subtle gold details. 

Inspiration origin: "When I first moved from New York to North Carolina I found myself at a cross road in life. I was 29 and trying to figure out different things and was faced with a few obstacles and some real trying times emotionally and mentally. I was working management at a Target at the time that had a wonderful greenway just yards away. The greenway had a really nice creek with a cement post of some sort that I would climb and sit on and just pray, watch the otters swim, and commune with God. During this time of transition and troubles it was at this creek that I would pray and really just cope and heal through the things I was going through. It was my happy place amidst darker times."

  • 18x24 inch painting. 
  • Mixed media (acrylic, pastels, ink) on watercolor paper. 
  • Museum quality varnish finish. 
  • Comes signed and includes certificate of authenticity. 

Artist: Leisha Scott